1.1.1996 - 1.21.2004




imported directly from Mali

E: G. Keller, Dr. G. Meissen, G

Jagdcoursingcupsieger 1998, S&L Körung, Coursinglizenz

In the early part of 1996 I traveled for the first time as a member of an ABIS expedition to the Azawakh's region of origin in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. We visited many camps and in the Tuareg village of Anouzegrene in the Azawakh Valley in Mali we were invited by the nomads to spend the night.


at three years old


a tea ceremony of the Oullimiden Tuareg in Anouzegrene


When we walked through the village the next morning I saw Amanar for the first time.  He was in a hole in the sand under an acacia bush. I knew at once that I would take this little male with me to Germany. At first he didn't want to be touched and the son of his owner had to capture and hold him for me.


first contact!


photos of Amanar's dam in Anouzegrene, Mali


..Amanar (a Tamasheq word) was named for the star constellation of Orion.  He lived near Frankfurt with two of my good friends, their Azawakh, and an Afghan.  Amanar was a very enthusiastic courser, which is very characteristic of Azawakh imported directly from the Sahel. In 1997 he sired my N-litter, all of which apparently inherited his great chasing abilities. In 1999 he sired a litter for Ursula Arnold (Azawakh n' Shat-Ehad) and in 2003 he sired for Susannah Kemp the first Azawakh litter (Zounadu Azawakh) born in the United Kingdom/Great Britian.


at four years


Amanar died tragically when he was hit by an automobile on January 21, 2004.  He slipped out of his collar and escaped  while exercising with his owner.   Immediately a  massive search was organized and he was spotted several times but just as they were close to catching him the accident happened.   He will be missed by the many people who loved and admired him.

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