DOB 02.06.2010



 German Champion DWZRV, German Junior Champion DWZRV, Regional Junior Winner South Bavaria 2011, Regional Winner South Bavaria 2012, Alpencup Junior Winner 2011, Alpencup Winner 2012




BanomeŽ , just born

When BanomeŽ was born, I immediately felt myself drawn to her, feeling the same connection to her that I had felt for her newborn halfsister UŽTidet a few years before.

She was extraordinarily beautiful, even though she was only a few hours old, and in type resembled a lot her mother Taletmot and the littermates of hers at the same age. Resemblance in type could also be seen with my first Azawakh Jaba, who belongs to her farer ancestors. Now and since she has grown up she is almost a "look alike" of that female so very special to me.

To cut a long story short, she wasnŽt even dry after birth, when I already had established a strong emotional bond and thus the decision of keeping her in my pack was self-evident.



at 40 days


at 13 weeks


BanomeŽ has grown up to a medium sized, refined and noble female, with excellent high rectangle format, long legs with open angulations and a very well shaped, angulated chest. (Unfortunately today one more and more specimens can be seen with chests too deep and round.)

I especially love her slender skull and fine long muzzle with not too much stop and slightly divergent lines and her wonderful "kohled" eyes, which underlines their almond shape and gives them a very intense expression.




some photos taken at shows


Sept. 2013



Best in Show at Mertingen 2011

When BanomeŽ meets strangers she can be a bit reserved in the beginning, avoiding close contact, as corresponds to the character of the breed, but she doesn't show panic or even aggression and after a while she searches the contact with visitors by herself, just to become even a bit too pushing, occasionally, if she likes those visitors.


at one year



2,5 years old


She is a very well integrated member of my pack of females, runs off leash everyday and is easy to control and recall. Nonetheless, when training at a racing track she chases the lure with great passion.

She loves to be around me, but avoids a too close, intense and long-lasting physical contact, which is a heritage of her Malian granddam Taytok, who, also, never wanted to be hugged or any physical contact too close.



almost three years old






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