8.20.1986 - 3.21.2000



(Al Hara´s El Aziz x Al Hara´s Caira)


German Champion, D-Champion VDH, D-Bundessieger 88, Ldssg. Rheinland 89, Ldssg. Nordbayern 91

I grew up with Cocker Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers but as a teenager began to be  interested in a  different type of hound; tall hunting dogs with long legs and hanging ears. At the annual sighthound show in Bad Homburg in 1985 I discovered beautiful, red, filigreed sighthounds full of energetic elegance. They seemed to embody my vision of the ideal dog.


Sire: Al Hara's el Aziz

Dam: Al Hara's Caira


Literature about these dogs was rare and I needed some time to identify them as Azawakh. But already in my mind I was fascinated by  this breed. In addition to my studies at the university I worked several different jobs to be able to save enough money to finally buy my first Azawakh: a purebred Yugoslavian line puppy at Mrs. Ingrid Aigeldinger's Al Hara´s kennel in Switzerland.


Jaba at nine months

Jaba at four years


Together with the beautiful Al Hara´s Jaba who is still my ideal of an Azawakh I made my first steps in the sighthound scene and collected my first experiences and successes.  In 1990 Jaba (I called her "Gagat") whelped Al Hara´s T-litter  at Ms. Aigeldinger's kennel. I had chosen the 12 years old Ahod (Targoui x Toboro II) to sire the litter.  He was  the last surviving son of Toboro II, the famous foundation bitch of the French line.


two photos of Jaba at four years


From this litter I chose Al Hara´s Tobol for myself.  Tobol would later became the mother of my first Tombouktou's litter.  Another  of Jaba's daughters, Al Hara's Tarada, became the foundation bitch of the US kennel Al-Ifriqiya (David Moore).  

Until her last days Jaba lived her life with great vigor and enthusiasm.  I am grateful for the years we spent together and will miss her always.  Gagat died at 13 years and 7 months of age on March 21st of the year 2000.


Jaba at ten years


head studies of Jaba:

 the photo on the left at two and a half years, the one on the right at twelve years


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