7.20.1997 - 7.04.2012


(Amanar X Al Hara's Zaket)


German Champion, German Champion VDH, Champion de Luxembourg, German Champion for Conformation and Performance, VDH-Junior Winner 1998, DWZRV Winner 2000, German Winner for Short Distance Racing 1999, Club Racing Winner 2000, Landesrennsg. Hessen Thüringen 2000, Racing Performance Certification, Working Dog Class Certification

A dream finally became a reality when my first "half-African" litter was born on July 20th, 1997. Out of the Champion Al Hara's Zaket, the litter was sired by the brindled Amanar, a male imported as a puppy by me in 1996 from Anouzegrene, a Touareg village in the Azawakh Valley. Though I planned from the beginning to keep one of the females, the decision as to which one I would keep was not made by me...Nahalet decided for the both of us that she would be the one (already at the age of six weeks this little female was able to climb over the puppy room "blockade" and in the mornings I regularly found her in my bed sleeping peacefully by my side).


Nahalet at seven weeks


at four years


Nahalet matured into a big, strong female with sweeping, powerful movement, who, in addition to her successes in the show ring, is also quite successful at racing and coursing.  And, even with her enormous performance abilities and an extremely developed passion for the hare, she has a very balanced and friendly character. At home, within my Azawakh group, she fits in easily, without showing aggression or any other problems. On our daily walks she is often off-leash.



head study at three years


In November 2001 Nahalet whelped her first litter, my P-Litter---one brindled male I named Aytarel, after the legendary Touareg warrior. Aytarel' sire Ennehet Al-Ifriqiya, like Nahalet, is authentic in phenotype, very typical for the half-African import Azawakh. My expectations for the result of this mating, even though it was only one male, were 100% fulfilled.

Nahalet and her son P´Aytarel

Thirteen months later Nahalet whelped the Q-Litter;  six puppies sired by Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya.  Kusaylah is a great grand-son of my first Azawakh Al Hara's Jaba.

Nahalet at the age of nine years and six month

May 2008

In the meantime Nahalet is enjoying her life as a happy and healthy pensioner.

at her 14th birthday

                              Nahalet, a last photo


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