7.20.1997 -  2.20.2010


(Amanar X Al Hara's Zaket)


German Champion, German Champion for Conformation and Performance, German Coursing Champion

German Coursing Winner 2001, Working Dog Class Certification


I had planned to keep only one female (Nahalet) from the "N" litter. But as the puppies matured I also found myself growing fond of the little, always "smiling" Noukheila. Soon, she too occupied her own special corner of my heart. She inherited her smile from her sire, the Malian born Amanar, and her color - a rich orange with very open brindling - from her dam Al Hara's Zaket. I convinced myself that these two special traits "supported" my decision to retain a second female.


at seven weeks


at five years


The mature Noukheila is an extremely compact female with a strongly developed sense of devotion. In fact she is only truly relaxed and satisfied when in very close physical contact to me. During our walks she responds readily to commands and I never hesitate to allow her to run free off leash. But her strong devotion also extends to her "pack" and she won't tolerate strange dogs, especially dogs who have no resemblance to an Azawakh.


showing and coursing


In the showring she always placed slightly behind her taller sister NAHALET. NOUKHEILA performs well at the race track, but she truly excels at coursing. Her greatest performance assets are a highly developed passion for the hare and a distinctive agility. When coursing she is able to mobilize all her physical reserves and her physical abilities more than compensate for her smaller size.  In 2002 she placed second at the European Coursing Championship in France against a very strong field.


playing in the snow

head study at three years

. Noukheila and the O litter in 2000


..In June of 2000 Noukheila whelped my O-Litter (sired by Multiple Champion Tombouktou's Marhaba). She was a passionate and devoted mother, and to this day gets quite excited at the appearance of one of her offspring.

Noukheila and the R litter in 2005

Almost 5 years later she whelped my R-litter sired by Adnan Idi nŽIlleli, who is a greatgrandson of my first Azawakh Al HaraŽs Jaba

Noukheila at the age of nine years and 10 month

In the meantime "Noukhi" is enjoying her life as a happy and healthy pensioner.


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