1.20.2000 - 9.18.2009


imported directly from Mali

German Champion for Conformation and Performance, Landesrennsiegerin Hessen Thüringen 2002, 

Working Dog Class Certificate

During the 1997 A.B.I.S. expedition to the Sahel, the Amenokal* of the Touareg of the Cercle de Menaka suggested to us that in a certain region of the Azawakh valley we would find Azawakh of outstanding type and excellent quality. Unfortunately various complications prevented us from reaching this region. So when I heard that the A.B.I.S. Expedition 2000 was again planning a trip to this specific region I decided spontaneously and without hesitation to ask my friend Oliver Becker to try to bring back a female for me.


Taytok's dam in Mali


I would have gone with them but regretfully I was unable to make a third expedition within such a short time period. But when they handed Taytok to me at the airport I understood immediately that the Amenokal had indeed given us very good advice.


Taytok's dam with her owners

as a puppy in Mali


Taytok was a special gift to A.B.I.S. by a family of the Kel Dahoussahaq Touareg. These Touareg lived in an encampement in the region of Inekar in the Azawakh Valley. Even when Taytok was very young there was every indication that she would mature into an Azawakh of excellent type.  My expectations came true. Taytok matured into a refined and noble female with an excellent phenotype, an enormous temperament, a very strong instinctive behavior, and a distinctively strong will. Sometimes, if stressed, she can carry her ears a bit "happily", but under normal, relaxed circumstances she carries them correctly.


at eight months

at two and a half years


summer 2002


Because of her independent nature and highly developed passion for the chase, Taytok is not the type of dog that would have done well placed with a beginner to this breed, and my many years of experience with the Azawakh have benefited both of us. It is possible for me both to give Taytok the freedom she needs and also allow her to pursue certain challenging aspects of organized sighthound activities.

Taytok is licensed for racing and coursing. Since the age of 18 months she has been "chasing" the artificial rabbit on various race tracks and also lure coursings. Her natural enthusiasm makes her difficult to handle at these events ---and obviously being presented in the show ring is not the discipline she prefers. So her appearance at the show bench seems sometimes to be more like a rodeo. She doesn´t behave in a shy or panicked manner, she just resists being presented in a disciplined way.


head study at two and a half years

Taytok pregnant with her second litter


Nevertheless, after having participated in only a very few shows, she was awarded 3 times the German CAC and several VDH awards. Taytok qualified for showing in the working dog class and at the age of only two and a half years received the title "GERMAN CHAMPION for CONFORMATION & PERFORMANCE". Taytok is the first African import to ever achieve this distinction. Additionaly she became Landesrennsiegerin Hessen Thüringen 2002.

Taytok whelped two litters at the Idiiyat es Sahel Kennel in 2003.  The sire of the first litter was Alem'nemehal Al-Ifriqiya, the sire of the second Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya.

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 *the Touareg title for a prince


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