5.20.1990 - 9.14.2002


(Ahod x Al Hara´s Jaba)


Rennlizenz, S&L Körung Landessg.Hessen Thüringen 93, Landesrennsg.Hessen Thüringen 94

In the summer of 1990 I took Jaba and Tobol home from the Al Hara´s kennel in Switzerland where Jaba had whelped and raised her litter.  Tobol matured into a dark charbonnaise female with a lot of substance and a great passion for racing. Even until the end of her 8th year (the last competitive year in Germany) she was racing  and coursing with undiminished passion. In 1994 she became Landesrennsieger Hessen Thüringen.


Sire: Ahod


Grandsire: Targoui

Grand-dam: Toboro II


She abhorred dog shows and refused to cooperate in the ring . Therefore I never enjoyed showing her and her successes were correspondingly limited. After winning 3 CAC´s and the title Landessieger Hessen Thüringen 1994 we both agreed to finish her show career. 

In February of the same year she whelped the first Tombouktou´s litter (2 males and 3 females). I chose Al Hara´s Zeroumi (Kel Tarbanassen Firhoun x Reckendahl´s Innana) as the sire of the litter.  Zeroumi was bred and owned by Mrs. Ingrid Aigeldinger (Al Hara's).


photos of Tobol at two years


racing and coursing

on the right with her litter by Al Hara's Zeroumi (the M-Litter)

head study at twelve years


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