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 DOB  May 21st, 2013

at the age of fourty days









IMMIDIR , male at 2 years and 9 month

O.: A. Falavigna, I


at 23 month


ISSAWAT , male at 15 month

O.: M. Raabe,  D



at 2 years

German Champion, German Champion for Conformation and Performance, German Azawakh Specialty Junior Winner 2014, German Junior Champion DWZRV,  NRW Cup Junior Winner 2014, German Azawakh Specialty Winner for Conformation and Performance 2015 and 2016, DWZRV Winner for Conformation and Performance 2015, German Coursing Winner 2015 and 2016, International Sand Track Champion 2016 (Champions League), Regional Coursing Winner Weser Ems 2016, Regional Racing Winner Baden Kurpfalz 2016, German Short Distance Racing Champion 2016, International Derby Winner 2016, Racing and Coursing Performance Certificate, Racing and Coursing license, Breeding permission

ILATELE´ , male at 13 month

O.: C. Hasenohr, CH


at 13 month



IZIL , male at 2 years and 10 month

O.: S. Fletcher MD,  USA


at 12 month


IN AZZAWA , female at 15 month

O.: K. Sramkova, CZ


at 2 years and 10 month

International Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Czech Grand Champion, CMKU Champion,  Slovakian Champion, Czech Club Winner 2015, CZ National Winner 2015



at 7,5 weeks old


the puppies at 20 days

granddam Taletmot visiting the 27days old puppies


Issawat and Immidir at 34 days with "nanny" Guetaya

In Azzawa flirting

In Azzawa at seven weeks


at seven weeks

IZIL running at the beach of his new Californian homeland


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