Racing and Coursing

smiling Etiki - racing and coursing is their passion
Noukheila, Niam Lafi, Zaket and Matali

The DWZRV (German Sighthound Breeding and Racing Club) regulates the breeding, coursing, and racing of sighthounds, including Azawakh,  in Germany.  Club members  are encouraged to work within certain parameters designed to enhance and/or maintain both the beauty and the performance abilities of their hounds. In addition to preserving phenotype breeders should also strive to maintain a standard of strength and agility which would insure an Azawakh’s survival were it returned to it’s country of origin.

Mehari coursing
Nahalet at the racetrack
Of course one needn’t participate in organized events in order to provide one’s hounds opportunities to move and run.  But once you see the passion, psychic balance,  and satisfaction of your hound chasing the lure or racing you might become an enthusiastic participant. Hunting and chasing are important  aspects of their behavioral instincts. A very important prerequisite for participation in competitive events is a well trained hound in good physical condition.
Zaket "killing" her rabbit at the end of a course
Okalan coursing

One of the great passions of the Azawakh is digging and they love to dig big holes in the garden. This behavior is an inherited,  instinctive reaction to the very hot climate of their desert homeland.  In the Sahel their large holes (dug for example under the shadow of a bush) are comfortable,  cool places to  relax and from which to survey  their surroundings.  It is a good idea to refill the craters from time to time otherwise your well-kept garden will be altered in a short time into an authentic desert landscape! Don´t worry, digging is a great fitness program for both the Azawakh and their owner!

daily digging in the garden!