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Geb. 06.06.2023


This is already my second V litter, two perfect, little brindled females, born June 6th a few minutes before midnight. It is Tombouktou´s P´Tamalut´s first litter, which is sired by Tombouktou´s Seddukel, a very handsome, elegant, tall male with a very laid-back and people friendly character. This time I have tried something new, which is offered by the DWZRV (German sighthound Club) on a voluntary basis to decrease the risk of health problems. Both parents have done their Dog Leukocyte Antigen Haplotyping with good results. The 3 tested DLA Genes were testet heterozygous for both breeding partners and will produce heterozygous offspring as well, which means, that according to the current state of science, the risk for autoimmune disease is not increased because of homozygosity, which can be caused by inbreeding. For more information about this tests please read https://feragen.at/wissenschaft/dla/ . It´s in German, but I am sure you can find information in English as well. This litter unites the essence of my breeding work of the last decade, partly based on the classic Al Ifriqiya lines with strains of desertbred lines bred by the Silverdale kennel, the beauty and performance line of the n´shat Ehad kennel and besides others two strains back to the desertbred Django, imported by the Tigidit kennel of Alberto Rossi. https://azawakh.breedarchive.com/virtual_animal/view/tombouktous-seddukel-x-tombouktous-ptamalut-285adb75-1fd6-4918-b9a4-5809ae785fe4 This combination has a COI in ten generations of 8,66 % and 37,74 % of desertbred imports calculated from 18 individuals) in the ancestry. https://www.pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&ids=3:1588172;2:1588222&g=4&p=aza&o=elastic

Tombouktou´s Seddukel

Tombouktou´s P´Tamalut

  • Deutscher Champion (DWZRV), Deutscher Jugendchampion (DWZRV), Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2018, Landessieger Südbayern 2019, Landessieger Baden Württemberg 2022, Coursing Lizenz

V´TADAïT, Hündin, D

V´Tamullit, Hündin,  USA