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Geb: 28.09.2023


At day 61 of her pregnancy, Tombouktou´s R´Kebesset whelped a litter of 2/4 lovely, promising puppies, sired by Tombouktou´s Sedukkel. Both parents are friendly and relaxed with strangers. https://azawakh.breedarchive.com/animal/testmating?dam_uuid=5a4c7406-c678-4496-a6e9-eb341e670bcc&sire_uuid=a2656c3f-6bff-403a-aa55-38738207bb9b The COI in the 4 complete generations is only 0,78 %, in incomplete 10 generations it is 5,46 %. This litter is a nice combination of two strains of Tigidit, one n´shat Ehad with Tombouktou´s and Al Ifriqiya in the background. For me, the most important aspect in this ancestry is, that in the bottom female line going back for 7 generations, all females are bred by me , with my beloved Multi Ch. Al Hara´s Zaket as the foundation female. They all shared my life. To see my oldest breeding line continue is highly emotional for me. https://www.pawpeds.com/db/?a=a0&ids=3:1588221;2:1588222&g=5&p=aza&o=elastic 19 desertbreds (36,78 %), imported to Europe contributed their genes to this litter. Most prominent are Tagola, Tainoss, Ultraviolet , Taytok and Django.


Tombouktou´s Seddukel


Tombouktou´s  R´Kebesset

Coursing Lizenz


WAKOU, Rüde, D

WADI , Hündin, D

WAYARA, Hündin , B

WAYOBI,  Hündin , A

WAYAT, Hündin, D